Saturday, March 2, 2013

Figuring This Out

Please bear with me as I try to figure this all out. 

My name is Rachel and I'm brand new to this.  As if you couldn't tell.  I wanted to try this out because, well, why not.  I actually hate the word 'blog'...sort of the sound one of my dogs makes when she yarks.  Charming way to start out, huh? 

So, I live in Iowa with my husband of almost 23 years, our youngest son, three cats and two dogs.  I love to crochet and cook.  And read.  I hate housework.  Hate.  My life is anything but exciting, but I am a pretty good cook and I make some very nice afghans and I really like to share.  If it hadn't been for the sharing of information by others, I would never have gotten good at either cooking or crocheting, so I guess I would like to return the favor.

I know it's barely March, but here in Iowa, land of the endless snow, it's too nasty to do anything outside, so I thought I may as well be productive while I'm stuck inside.  I have decided to make afghans for Christmas presents this year.  My sister got one last year for her birthday, so that leaves hubby's family.  That's five sibs (his mom got one year before last for Christmas).
This is the one I made my sister,  Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of the one I sent my mother-in-law, but it's the same design, just different colors.  So far, I have one finished and one almost finished.  Yes, I need to get pictures of those, I know. 

I just got an order for another one that I will start on as soon as it's paid for.  *I learned to never start a project until it's fully paid for.  Otherwise I would be drowning in afghans and baby blankets.*  This is why I started working on the presents so early.  New orders always come in when I have something else I want to do LOL, but the things I 'want' to do don't put money in the bank.  *sigh*

The pattern is available for sale in my Etsy shop Ridged Chevron afghan pattern

If you would like to buy a custom made afghan, handcrafted by me, you can do that here: Ridged Zig Zag Afghan at Etsy.

Crocheted Zig Zag Afghan
Approximate Size: 49" x 71"


  1. Hi Rachel, My name's officially Lynda but that makes 2 in one house so I comment with either my nickname of Andi or as here GracirRhae, the name I'd love to change mine to. How lucky can a girl be to have been given the most popular name for a girl in the Baby Boomer Era. NOT!😬
    So I always feel someone that takes time to send a shout out into cyber space might like to know E.T. or Echo heard them. Just a word is nice. So forgive me, I'm a Chatty Kathy. My youngest son turns 40 in September. As you know, then we didn't know what was coming other than 'Baby'. Oh maybe a hint at size or mutiples. I made this pattern for his Babu Blanket. Much smaller. It was Pink, Turquoise and white. I should have gone yellow instead of pink. But I had my boy. I wanted a girl and he was 11 lbs 1 oz all boy. My Grandmother helped with reading the pattern since she taught me Crochet so I 'Play by Ear' as it were. I can still look at a piece and make it just by examination. With so many cute projects and the web now, I have to read patterns. I still struggle a bit. UK patterns are toughest. It's nice if the person that offers the pattern is willing to help with questions right away.
    I love, love, love your colors. Very striking with the black. Bold colors and black always make think of beautiful stained glass.
    Well, like I said I talk too much. I'm doing some Crocheted flowers and coin purses right now myself. The family I stay with is large and at Holidays they assemble in a church gymnasium on the Eve of with all extendeds. About 60. Big families here in Utah. I'm actually from California. But I've been here nearly 20 years. Sorry for chatting your eyes out. XX'S

  2. Love the colors gonna try this. Thank you for sharing your art with others.