Saturday, October 11, 2014

A warm, chunky scarf for winter

A couple of months ago, I got some super bulky yarn on clearance and have been searching for patterns since. Most call for a 9mm hook and while that's fine for boot cuffs and hats, the scarves and cowls end up too stiff for my taste. I like those to be soft and squishy.
So I came up with my own design. It's mesh-y...lots of holes...but so thick that it's still warm, but the holes keep it pliable.
It takes just over a skein of Lion Brand Hometown, 81 yards each, so...about 100-110 yards.

Super Chunky Mesh Cowl
Pattern designed and written by Rachel Simister

Super chunky yarn, category 6. I used Lion Brand Hometown. This took just over 1 skein, approximately 100-110 yards.
16mm crochet hook
J hook. I used this to weave in the tails and sew the ends as the thick yarn wouldn't fit in any yarn needle!

CH 13.
Row 1 - hdc in 3rd CH from hook, *CH 1, skip next foundation CH, hdc in next CH*. Rep from * to * across.

Row 2 - CH 3, turn. Hdc in first CH 1 space. *CH 1, skip next hdc, hdc in next CH 1 space*. Rep from * to * across, putting last hdc in chain space at the end of the row.

Rows 3-50 - rep row 2.
Cut yarn, leaving a 12" tail. Whip stitch short ends together, weave in ends.

This is a free pattern. You can give it out, but please don't sell it or post it anywhere. You may post a link to it if you like.
Thank you!