Friday, December 16, 2016

Taking a Break

Except for new orders, I'm taking a break from crochet. And from FaceBook, for that matter. I kind of go in cycles; I'll crochet constantly for a few years, then I'll get a bit burnt out and switch to my other obsession, cross stitch.

That's what I"ve been working on the last 10 weeks or so. I'll post it here because I've mailed it off to its new home, and it should have already arrived (well, maybe tomorrow). I've sent it to a dear friend for Christmas. It's a pattern I bought nearly 20 years ago to make for my mom, but I was starting to burn out on cross stitching by that time, so it never got more than started. I picked it up a few times over the years, but never got much done. In nearly 20 years, I had gotten about 1/4 of it done. By staying away from FaceBook, I finished the other 3/4 in just over 2 months! Unfortunately, I'm almost 17 years too late to give it to my mom.

I've now started on a new pattern...a dragon! I'm ot generally into scifi/fantasy, but when it comes to cross stitch, I tend to gravitate toward it. I think it's because of the bold colors and the variety of colors. It keeps it from getting boring.

Maybe that's why it too so long for me to finish this one. It has a lot of colors, but they're all rather muted.

The new pattern has metallic thread and beads, so...nothing muted about it! The beads go in all those empty squares (not the big empty blotches, those are just areas I haven't stitched in yet).

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