Saturday, July 20, 2013

Road Trip

As I believe I posted earlier, my oldest son was recently discharged from the Army. He had been stationed in Hawaii and they had to ship his car.  It arrived just outside St. Louis last Friday and he has been driving me batshit ever since. We weren't able to get him down there until today. So, in 4 hours, my husband, my oldest son, and I will head out on a 350 mile trip and my youngest will stay here with the zoo.  If it were just the cats, we could leave them for the day, but not the dogs.
So, anyway, here I am, not sleeping.  Hubby will be driving most of the way down so I can sleep and drive back. Will post pictures if I get any decent ones.
So we got back last night, after stopping to pick up dog food, and man was it nice!  Had a snack and when hubby started playing a video game, I went upstairs to call my SIL.  She had asked me online to call when we got home, so I did.  Of course I caught her mid grocery shopping, and she said she'd call back.  Crap!  I left my current book in the car and everything else I haven't read was downstairs.  So, I figured I'd check Facebook and email. 
Then hubby's alarm was going off at 5am.  Grrrr, he forgot to reset it!  Wait, what???  Oh.  I guess I fell asleep! 
So, here it is 7:30 am, and my head is telling me that the bath and breakfast was nice and all, but I really wasn't done sleeping.  Think I'll go catch a nap after I finish here. 

This was somewhere along the way, still in Iowa.  Just thought it was a pretty scene on a beautiful day.  LOL It was sometime before 10am, because that's when the windows went up and the a/c went on!  It was already 88 by then! 
This was in the afternoon, on the way back, somewhere in Missouri.  Sill a lovely day...just hotter than hell!  Was around 95 with a heat index around 100. 
 This was the sky over Crawford, IA on the way back, about 7pm.  A few minutes later, it started to rain.  HUGE drops, but it only lasted a few seconds, paused, then a little heavier for maybe 30 seconds, then it was done.
And, finally, about 9pm, almost home. 

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