Saturday, April 20, 2013

Is Summer Here Yet?

Not that I'm looking forward to the sweltering heat, but as a school bus monitor, I get the summer off!  No, I am not like most people, who love the summer.  I could live in constant spring or fall, but the summer heat kills me.  Especially since we moved to Iowa from Utah.  I grew up in Indiana but never got used to the humidity.  I wanted to move back east from Utah, but I do miss those dry summers!

Summer, for me, means that I can get back to what I really want to do...crochet!!  This work thing has cut into my crochet time terribly!

I have started another afghan, however.  My aunt asked me to make her one to replace one her mother made her years ago and that she lost to a house fire, also quite a while ago.  She wanted it in the same pattern as my last afghan, but in her high school colors as the one she lost was.  Now she went to the same high school as my dad did.  The enemy!!  LOL  That high school was hated by many when I was a teen...because they kicked everyone's butt in basketball!!  This was back in the '80s.  Their colors are purple and gold so, of course, while they were winning, they called it the purple reign.  If you're from the '80s, you'll get it.  So, also of course, I have to tease her. 

So, since I already shared the pattern, I'll share pix of the work in progress.  This one is going to be queen sized, so in addition to adding stitches to make it bigger, I am also using a larger hook...I used an I hook last time and a J hook this time.

about 1/6 done!

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