Monday, June 30, 2014

New Baby Stuff!

I was busy this weekend! A friend gave me some yarn and included was some absolutely delicious baby yarn! Oh, the fun I had!
Among the people I know there must be a bug going around...quite a few are either pregnant themselves or one of their kids are! In the last year, two have become grandparents and three have either had babies or are pregnant. And the year before had a good crop, too!
So. I had one blanket made already...I needed pictures for my shop... and this weekend I made another as well as my first lovey! As soon as I find out what my cousin is having...or find out she's not finding out!...I'll get her an afghan made.
Her grandmother, my aunt, was one of two aunts who were always giving afghans. She passed a few years ago and the other isn't well. I believe I'm the only one of the cousins who crochets, so I thought it would be nice for her to get a handmade afghan, even though her gramma is gone.
The blanket is just s simple basket weave, and the lovey is a granny square with a simple stuffed ball that I threaded with hair and sewed a face on.

Basket Weave Baby Afghan
Approximately 30x40"
I used over half a skein of Bernat Baby Sport and almost two skeins of Bernat Baby Coordinates.
The border was done in Bernat Pipsqueak, and used about a quarter of a skein.
I used a G hook for the Afghan and an N hook for the border.
I switched colors every 10 rows.

Chain 102.
Row 1- In the 4th chain from the hook, dc. Dc in each CH across. CH 3, turn.
Row 2- skip the first dc. Hdc in second dc. *Fpdc in next 3 dc, bpdc in next 3 dc.* rep * to * to the last 2 dc. Hdc in last 2 dc. CH 3, turn.
Row 3- skip first hdc, hdc in next hdc. Fpdc in each fpdc, bpdc in each bpdc, across to last 2 hdc. Hdc in last 2 hdc. CH 3, turn.
Row 4- skip first hdc, hdc in next hdc. Fpdc in each bpdc and bpdc in each fpdc, across to last two hdc. Hdc in last 2 hdc. CH 2, turn.
Row 5 on- repeat row 3 twice, then row 4 twice, back and forth, every two rows, across until Afghan reaches desired length.
Border - in any corner, attach yarn. CH 3, 2 dc, in same stitch. *Dc in every other stitch to the next corner. 3 dc in corner.* repeat * to * around. Attach to top of CH 3 with a slip stitch. Finish off and weave in ends.
I'll post the lovey tomorrow!

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